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Parent-Student Handbook 2019-2020

Glendale Acres Elementary School
2915 Skycrest Drive
Fayetteville, NC  28304
Phone: 910-484-9031
Fax: 910-486-8750

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Glendale Acres Elementary School!  To help ensure good communication between home and school, the Parent-Student Handbook is being provided to help answer many of the questions you may have regarding policies and procedures pertinent to our school.  The handbook also has a month-to-month calendar to notify you of scheduled events throughout the school year.

The purpose of this handbook is to inform parents and students of the philosophy and mission of our school and, in essence, what it means to be a member of the Glendale Acres family.  The Parent-Student Handbook contains information to help familiarize you with the operation of our school, as well as, opportunities and responsibilities that are yours as we work together to educate our children.  Parents, please take time to thoroughly read this handbook and discuss the important points with your child.

Glendale Acres Elementary School is committed to working with parents as partners in helping children to grow and develop.  We would like to extend to you an open invitation to visit school regularly and share in your child’s education.  Please take time to volunteer, as we know that parents are one of the keys to a successful school. We look forward to a strong, supportive relationship.

This new school year means new beginnings and new futures.  As we strive for academic excellence, our students will be provided with rich and fulfilling learning experiences.  We are excited about the opportunities promised for the upcoming school year and hope you share our enthusiasm!



Dr. Julie A. Dees



Glendale Acres Elementary School faculty and staff believe that the children entrusted to our care are unique individuals who progress at their own rate and have different academic needs and abilities.  These students have the challenging task of acquiring the skills and processing the information necessary to be independent and successful in our global society.  We must provide a solid foundation for our students’ educational experiences to be built upon.  As we guide them through their daily activities, we will strive to present an environment that will encourage the students to reach their highest academic potential while fostering emotional, social and physical development, as well as, facilitate the development of independence.  Through effective teaching techniques, the faculty and staff motivate students to think clearly, critically and to make sound judgments with respect to themselves and others.


Developmentally appropriate practices are incorporated into our school curriculum to provide for all areas of a child’s development: physical, emotional, social and cognitive.  This is done through an age span and an individual-appropriate integrated approach.  We utilize parents and other resource persons within the community to help our students.  Our school motto, “Learning with Love and Laughter”, epitomizes the nurturing environment provided by the school, home and community at Glendale Acres.




Glendale Acres Elementary School offers a quality, child-centered instructional plan with a focus of the enhancement of communication skills including reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and critical thinking in all academic areas.  Effective visual, written and oral communication is encouraged through the use of:

  • Highly successful research-based approaches and strategies applied to instruction
  • The technology incorporated at all grade levels
  • Partnerships with parents and community to encourage student learning
  • Global awareness education
  • Collaborative planning and implementation of programs between Glendale Acres and Ashley Elementary to ensure a seamless curriculum K-5




  • Strong integration of communication skills throughout the curriculum
  • Spanish instruction beginning in Kindergarten
  • An emphasis on the effective expression of ideas and information in all academic areas
  • Cross-curricular units emphasizing meaningful content, problem-solving and high-level thinking
  • The program supported by active community partnerships
  • Literacy is 120 minutes in Second Grade and 150 minutes in K-1 each day for every child
      1. Walk Quietly (Level One Voice)
      2. Keep to the right of the hall
      3. Maintain personal spacePARENTS RIGHT TO KNOW STATEMENTAs required by the Elementary And Secondary Education Act (ESEA), Title I Part A. Information is available at our school to include but is not limited to the following:
         the School Improvement Plan
         qualifications of your child’s teacher and/or teacher assistant
         professional development opportunities for teachers and assistants to ensure
        highly qualified personnel
         opportunities for parent involvement and input
         the District Improvement Plan
         the District Parent Involvement Policy
         the District Report Card and the School Report Card
        Please contact our school and we will be glad to provide you with this information upon
    1.  DECLARACION DEL DERECHO A SABER DE LOS PADRES Como requerido por el Acto de Que Ningún Niño se Quede Atrás (NCLB) del 2001,
      Título 1 Parte A.  Información está disponible en nuestra escuela que incluye pero que
      no está limitada a lo siguiente:

      • Plan de Mejoría de la Escuela
      • Calificaciones del maestro(a) de su hijo/a
      • Oportunidades del desarollo professional de los maestros y de los asistentes para
        asegurar personal altamente calificados
      • Oportunidades para la participación y las opiniones del padre
      • Plan de Mejoría de las Escuelas del Condado de Cumberland
      • El Plan del Título 1 para la Participación de los Padres y el Plan para la Participación
        de los Padres en las Escuelas
      • Reporte de Calificación del Condado de Cumberland
      • Reporte de Calificación de la Escuela

      Favor de comunicarse con nuestra escuela y será nuestro placer en proveerle con
      información a su petición.


      We are committed to the goal of guiding children in the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes while maximizing their potential.  We are proud of our past achievements, but continue to strive for excellence in education.  At Glendale Acres, we believe that a safe, orderly environment is necessary for high academic achievement.  Our school ensures a positive learning environment through the communication of high expectations, consistent consideration for the rights of others and a school-wide policy of appropriate consequences for disruptions of the learning process.  All disciplinary actions taken to ensure the maintenance of a positive school climate will be in full accordance with the Cumberland County Code of Conduct.  Consequences of discipline infractions will be identified and implemented fairly.

      Our goal is to direct students toward self-discipline.  The teacher will handle misbehavior.  If, after due process and the implementation of our PBIS discipline plan, proper conduct is not established, students will be sent to an administrator with supporting documentation. The principal has the authority to suspend a student from any class. Parents/Guardians will be notified of inappropriate behavior.



      1)  Each teacher is to read, explain and give every student in his/her

      room a copy of the Cumberland County Code of Conduct and

      school rules.

      2)  Students who transfer into Glendale Acres must also receive and

      have the rules read and explained to them.

      3)  The Cumberland County Code of Conduct, the school

      rules and the classroom rules should be displayed at all times.




      1)  Students must obey all class rules and follow the instructions of

      the principal, teacher, instructional assistant, student-teacher,

      substitute teacher or other faculty members when on school


      2)  Fighting at school, on the school bus, at the bus stop, or on the

      way to and from school is prohibited.  Any student who violates

      this rule will be disciplined accordingly.

      3)  Any student assisting, aiding, abetting, conspiring with or

      encouraging in any manner with another student to violate the

      school rules by fighting will be disciplined accordingly.

      4)  Any type of weapons or dangerous instruments brought on school

      grounds will result in suspension from school and a possible

      police investigation.

      5)  Profanity and/or verbal abuse of any faculty member or student

      will not be tolerated.

      6)  No student may violate or abuse the person or property of another

      student or school personnel by engaging in an activity that

      demeans or degrades that person or property.

      7)  Students may not tamper with or take into their possession any

      object or items belonging to another student, school personnel or

      to the school without first obtaining permission from the

      appropriate person.

      8)  Writing on, marking, defacing, smearing, staining, soiling or

      injuring the walls or property of the school will not be permitted.

      9)  Running in the building and on the breezeway is prohibited.

      Students are expected to walk at all times when in the building

      and on the breezeways.

      10)  Chewing gum is not allowed inside the school building.

      11)  The possession of cigarettes, matches, cigarette lighters or

      any other drug paraphernalia or pyrotechnics could be subject to

      suspension from school.

      12)  Electronic devices will not be brought to school.  These items will

      be collected and turned into the office to be picked up by the


      13)  No student is allowed in the teacher’s lounge unless approved by

      the principal.

      14)  Once a student arrives on the school grounds, he/she may not

      leave without being checked out through the office by parent/


      15)  Walking students and car riders can not come on campus

      before 7:00 AM.

      16)  The school building will be opened to bus students at 7:00 AM.

      There will be no supervision for students before this time.

      Therefore, no students should be dropped off earlier than this by


      17)  Upon arriving on the school campus, students are expected to

      go directly to their classrooms or the cafeteria for breakfast.

      Students may not loiter in the hallways.

      18)   All students are expected to be in the classroom before the

      second bell rings at 7:30 AM.

      19)  Students arriving at school after 10:45 AM or checked out of

      school before 10:45 AM will be marked absent.

      20)  Students may not be checked out of school after 1:45 PM

      21)  Students may not remain on the school grounds after 2:10 PM

      without permission of a school official.


      Any student who violates the rules of Glendale Acres Elementary School or the established system-wide rules as adopted by the Cumberland County Board of Education shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include, but not be limited to, suspension from school.


      Students will……Be Respectful:

      Follow directions and speak politely to all adults.

      Use appropriate language.

      Prevent and avoid fights.

      Allow other students the right to learn.

      Follow the Glendale Acres School Rules.

      Follow the Cumberland County School Rules.

      …Be Responsible:

      Come to school on time and go directly home after school.

      Arrive at school between 7:00 AM and 7:25 AM.

      Take care of school property and the property of others.

      …Be Safe:

      Walk at all times (except on the playground).

      Orally review the Glendale Acres Discipline Policy on being a Character Cub


      Students are expected to comply with all Glendale Acres School Rules.

      1. CLASS RULES– Students are expected to:
      2. Enter class quietly and be seated quickly
      3. Work quietly
      4. Raise hand to be called on to speak
      5. Get permission to leave seats at appropriate times
      6. Come to class prepared
      7. Stay on task and complete assignments
      8. Adhere to the school schedule
      9. Get permission to leave the class

      Each teacher will add to above as needed for individual classrooms. Rules are to be approved by the school administration, posted in the classroom and sent to parents at the beginning of enrollment in the class.

                           BUILDING RULES

                   1. HALLS – Students are expected to:

2. Wash hands

3. Report problems to a teacher

4.  Clean up after yourself

  • CAFETERIA – Students are expected to:
    1. Stay in line while waiting for food
    2. Use a Level 2 or 3 voice
    3. Keep tables and floors clean
    4. Follow directions the first time
    5. Use walking feet for all movement

    ASSEMBLIES – Students are expected to:

    1. Enter and exit using travel position
    2. Sit with legs criss-cross
    3. Use appropriate voice level when talking is permitted-follow

    check your voice signal

    1. Keep hands and feet to yourself
    2. Treat others the way you want to be treated


    III.    GENERAL RULES                  

    PLAYGROUND – Students are expected to:

    1. Share equipment
    2. Include others
    3. Take care of equipment
    4. Respect outdoor surroundings
    5. Stay in the play area

    BUSES – Students are expected to:

    1. Keep hands and feet to self
    2. Maintain personal space
    3. Promptly enter and exit buses
    4. Sit in assigned seat
    5. Stay seated on your bottom
    6. Realize that riding the bus is a privilege

    WALKERS – Students are expected to:

    1. Select the safest route
    2. Walk on the sidewalk or to the left of the street or highway on the shoulder of the road facing traffic
    3. Listen to and obey the school crossing guard or responsible adult
    4. Pay attention to the traffic


    The discipline procedures we have implemented at Glendale Acres were developed so that every child has the opportunity to be successful in a safe and caring climate.  In order for the plan to be productive, we must have full support from home in our endeavors of maintaining an environment conducive to learning.  Our students follow a school-wide discipline plan described in our School Handbook, as well, as a classroom plan that is posted in every classroom with behavior goals, a consequence system, and rewards.

    We were pleased to first implement Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) for school-wide discipline during the 2015-2016 school year. Our efforts were expanded in 2016-2017 as we began Tier 2 of PBIS.  We completed a full implementation of the program with Tier 3 in place for 2017-2018.  This initiative will continue to be implemented throughout the entire school in order to improve student behavior.

    PBIS is an evidence-based, data-driven framework that focuses on acknowledging positive student behavior, increasing student achievement, and school safety while teaching behavioral expectations. By ensuring that all students have a clear understanding of school-wide behavioral and social expectations, we are confident that student learning will increase and we will see a decline in classroom disruptions.

    The Glendale Staff will continuously work with our students to make sure that they understand and learn the school’s expectations.  We will explicitly teach, model and practice the behavioral expectations while consistently working with students to apply behavioral expectations in all settings.


    Dr. Julie A. Dees


    Cub Coin Incentives for Positive Behavior

    Individual School-Wide Incentives –

    Students will have their names on the PBIS Board in the Main Hall as they reach each “Bear” level.  These will also be recognized at our nine weeks award programs.

    25        Cub Coins=Teddy Bear/Pencil

    50        Cub Coins=Grizzly Bear/PBIS Treasure Box

    75        Cub Coins= Polar Bear/Frozen Treat

    100     Cub Coins= Panda Bear/Lunch with Teacher

    150     Cub Coins=Kodiak Bear/PBIS Prize Bag

    200     Cub Coins=Character Bear/ Visit with the Principal

    Additional schoolwide incentives for cub coins to visit the prize cart will be based on the following number of Cub Coins!

    5 Cub Coins =  PBIS Prize Cart

    10 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    15 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    20 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    40 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    60 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    90 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    125 Cub Coins = PBIS Prize Cart

    Classroom Incentives

    Teachers will offer additional individual and class incentives within their classrooms for students.

    Class Incentives will be rewarded when all students in a class have achieved the following number of Cub Coins!

    15        Cub Coins=  Teddy Bear Day

    30        Cub Coins=  Candy/Snack/Treat Provided by the Classroom

    75       Cub Coins=   Bonus Recess

    100     Cub Coins=  Popcorn and a Movie!  Provided by the School

    Class Totals Incentives: Every 500, 750, 1000 and 2,000 Cub Coins achieved by each class as a whole will earn the class the choice of an incentive listed below:

    -Extra Recess Time

    -Lunch Outside of Cafeteria

    -PJ or Hat Day

    -Sports Day (wear your favorite uniform/t-shirt/hat)


    Students who believe that they have been mistreated because of sex discrimination in the public school may appeal to the person designated in each school as the one responsible for hearing said complaints. If after appealing to this designated official the student is dissatisfied; he/she may submit a request in writing to the Superintendent for a review of the case. The Superintendent or his designated representative will arrange a conference with the student and make a decision regarding the grievance: If the decision rendered by the Superintendent is unsatisfactory to the student, the student shall within ten days, give written a notice to the Superintendent and request a review by the Cumberland County Board of Education. The Board of Education shall render its decision within thirty days of receipt of the grievance.

    Character Focus of the Month


    Month                      Character Trait
    August                      Introduction
    September                Respect
    October                     Responsibility/Perseverance
    November                 Integrity/Honesty
    December                 Caring/Kindness
    January                     Self-Discipline/Self-Control
    February                   Trustworthiness/Courage-Loyalty
    March                       Fairness/Sportsmanship
    April                         Citizenship/Cooperation
    May                           Celebration

    Why Morning Meetings

    The information here is based on the book “The Morning Meeting Book” by Roxann Kriete

    Purposes of Morning Meetings:

    1. Morning Meetings set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust.
    2. Tone and climate of Morning Meetings extend beyond the meeting
    3. Morning Meeting motivates children by addressing two human needs:  the need to feel a sense of significance and belonging and the need to have fun.
    4. The repetition of many ordinary moments of respectful interaction in Morning Meetings enables some extraordinary moments.
    5. Morning Meetings merges social, emotional, and intellectual learning.

    Morning Meetings can take place in any classroom and in any grade level!  Morning Meetings do not have to take a lot of time!

    Another important component of morning routines is establishing procedures, which include Morning Meetings.  You can have them on an easel, a whiteboard, a SMARTboard, or sentence strip – whatever you as a teacher are comfortable with.  Use them EVERYDAY and make sure they are in the same place.

    Morning Meetings can: (but are not limited to)

    • Ask students to answer a question (ex: what is your favorite ice cream flavor?) to be used in a lesson
    • Review material (math facts, vocabulary, or spelling words) previously taught
    • Have students identify themselves as “present” or select lunch choices
    • Give students directions about morning work or morning procedures that they might need help remembering (regardless of grade level)
    • Have students vote on an incentive, assignment, project, or recess activity
    • Have students participate in a team-building, class builder, or brain break.
    • Discuss an issue the class is experiencing

    Morning Meetings consists of four components.  Here they are broken down and briefly explained.  All of these need to be modeled, practiced, modeled and practiced more.  Older students can progress into running their own Morning Meetings as the year continues.

    Traffic Procedures for Drop-Off/Pick-up

    At Glendale Acres, we strive to provide a safe and caring environment for everyone at all times. To help accomplish this goal, we have implemented revised procedures in our Drop-off/Pick-up parking area.

    For the safety of our children the following guidelines have been put in place:

    • When dropping off or picking up your child, you may do one of two things:
    1. Park in a designated parking space and walk with your child to or from the vehicle using one of our two pedestrian crosswalks as a route to the sidewalk.
    2. Stay in your car in the right-hand lane (to the right of the solid yellow line) and move along with the traffic until you arrive at the wide solid white line painted across the lane directly in front of the B-Building doors. Once you have reached that point, your child may exit or load your vehicle on the passenger side next to the fire lane (indicated with red lines) and safely move to the sidewalk.

    **Students being dropped off and not “walked up” by an adult must be dropped off in the circle drive at the designated loading line. They may not cross the street or go-between cars at any time.)

    • There is no parking in the right lane (only stopping and loading). You must remain in your vehicle.
    • The left lane is for slow-moving thru traffic only.
    • Cars are not to be parking in the volunteer parking in front of the school during arrival and dismissal of students.
    • Cars are also not allowed past the curve of the driveway during these times.
    • Parents who will be walking their child to/from class may park in a parking space or in a single row on the grass.
    • Do not block driveways of neighborhood houses during pickup and drop off times.
    • Do not block the school entrance driveway during pickup and drop off times.
    • No cars are allowed in front of the school where the buses load.
    • Only a car with a handicapped tag may come down to park in the two spaces in the drive.



  • Bus Riders  7:00 am
  • Breakfast   7:00-7:20 am
  • Walkers  7:00-7:25 am
  • First Bell  7:25 am
  • Tardy Bell  7:30 am

Dismissal Bell  2:35 am If your child is not eating breakfast at school, we suggest an arrival time of 7:15 AM in order for your child to be prepared and ready to start the instructional day at 7:30 AM.  Children cannot be dropped off at school before 7:00 AM. In the afternoon, we recommend that parents picking up their children and DayCare Vans arrive on campus between 1:50 – 2:10 PM.  Parents should make arrangements with daycares to ensure they are on campus each day by 2:10 PM


Your child is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom by the 7:30 AM tardy bell. Please be aware of the time school starts and stress the importance of being on time and ready to begin the day. Work habits for later years are being established. Let’s work together to eliminate tardiness. If your child is tardy, a parent or legal guardian must come by the office for a tardy slip before the child can go to his/her classroom. If your child has 3 unexcused tardies in a 9-week period, he/she will not receive a perfect attendance certificate. A doctor’s note must be provided for a tardy to be excused.

With Cumberland County’s Schools “Every Minute Counts”, if your child has 3 unexcused check-outs in a 9-week period he/she will not receive a perfect attendance certificate.  A doctor note must be provided for a check-out to be excused unless your child is checkedout due to illness or injury.


Telephone calls will not be sent to the classrooms during instructional times.  Messages can be left for teachers to return calls when they are free from student supervision. Students will not be allowed to use the telephone unless it is judged to be an emergency by the teacher or secretary. Parents may call and have messages sent to their child (children). Messages will be given prior to dismissal or as needed. Also, please do not ask the staff to call a student to the office for such items as keys, books, clothing, etc. This is to refrain from disturbing the classroom during the instructional day. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter. If a conference is needed, call the office to schedule an appointment or send a written request by your child. Conferences before school are not usually as effective as conferences scheduled at other times. Staff members are busy and time is short in the morning. 


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the week of November 4, 2019, and the week of February 10, 2020. However, you are encouraged to seek a conference with your child (children’s) teacher(s) at any time during the school year if the necessity arises.


Cumberland County Schools (CCS) Child Nutrition Services is excited to announce that The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) is being offered to Glendale Acres Elementary for the 2019-2020 school year. All students attending Glendale Acres Elementary School will receive breakfast and lunch meals at no charge. Schools participating in the CEP Provision will not distribute free and reduced lunch applications to their students for the 2019-2020 school year. However, students may purchase additional food items approved for a la carte sales.  The a la carte sales may include items such as rice crispy treats, chips, graham crackers, fruit roll-up, goldfish crackers, and animal crackers.


Children should be encouraged to have pride in a good personal appearance at all times. We appeal to you, as parents, to stress the importance of good grooming and the use of proper dress. Faculty members will also use their influence on the students to foster proper dress. Students are required to dress appropriately for school. All students must wear shoes that are properly secured. Thong shoes, shoes with wheels and flip-flops are not allowed. Bermuda shorts (shorts longer than the child’s fingertips) can be worn in warm weather. Tank tops are not acceptable at any time. Girls may not have bare shoulders or show their midriffs.  Tops must have at least 3 fingers width across each shoulder.  Clothing with wording or pictures of drugs, alcohol, obscene words or which may be offensive to others may not be worn at school. Students will not be allowed to wear hats or sunglasses in the building.  Parents will be called to either bring appropriate clothing or pick a child up when the dress code is violated. 


STUDENT DRESS CODE ADDENDUM  Effective September 24, 2019

By the direction of Superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr.: 1. All Cumberland County Schools will make any necessary religious accommodations for any type of headgear or head coverings otherwise restricted or prohibited under existing individual school dress codes. 2. No student shall receive Out of School Suspension based solely upon violation of an existing individual school dress code.


Again, this year we will be calling on you to help us plan and implement our Volunteer Program. The Volunteer has become a necessary part of our educational team as we struggle with such urgent concerns as the soaring cost of education, growing demands of parent and community involvement in the school, increased attention to individualized instruction, and enrollment trends.

After you have had time to reflect on the aforementioned concerns, I am sure you will say “yes” to our Volunteer Program.  In order to be eligible to be a school volunteer, all individuals must complete an online registration available on the Cumberland County Schools website. ( When you arrive on campus, please go by the office and sign in. Then pick up a Volunteer Badge to wear in the building. Before you leave, please return to the office and sign out. 


All visitors are to report to the Main Office. Please do not visit your child’s room or teacher during the school day without signing in through the front office. Please wait outside the school building when picking your child up at the end of the day. When your child observes you waiting in the area, that is an indication to your child that the school day has ended and in many cases causes the teacher to struggle to hold their attention until the school day does end. If you need to talk to the teacher, please call for an appointment.


Glendale Acres Elementary School has a very active PTA and we would like to invite all parents, grandparents, and friends to join our organization this year. Governor Easley honored our PTA with the NC Outstanding Volunteer Award for the 2001-2002 school year. Additionally, our PTA has earned the National PTA’s Parent Involvement School of Excellence certification for 2007-2010. Membership dues are $6.00 per person. Your PTA Executive Council has already begun plans for the 2019-2020 school year.


September 10, 2019

December 10, 2019

March 3, 2020

May 12, 2020

All PTA meetings are at 6:00 PM in the school cafeteria.


Children between the ages of seven and seventeen years are required to attend the school continuously during the school session. Children under the age of seven who are enrolled in the public school must attend the school continuously during the school session unless they are withdrawn. A child absent from school must bring a note giving the reason(s) for the absence upon returning to school. Such excuses should be dated and signed by the parent, legal guardian, or custodian. Absences are coded as “lawful” or “unlawful”. Lawful absences include illness or injury, quarantine, death in the immediate family, medical or dental appointments, court or administrative proceedings, religious observances, and educational opportunities. Unlawful absences include the student’s willful absence with or without the knowledge of the parent, vacations, and any other absence not listed as “Lawful Absence”. Please call the school and advise when it is necessary for your child to be out of school for more than one day. The school will attempt to contact parent/guardians when a student is absent, but this contact by the school does not eliminate the need for a written note.


The Cumberland County Board of Education has adopted a student policy that permits prior approved temporary absence of a student from school for a valid educational opportunity to be coded as lawful. The principal shall require that all conditions listed below be satisfied before a student’s absence can be coded lawfully related to a valid educational opportunity. When planning a vacation, the school would like to encourage our parents to schedule the days when the students have a holiday. We need your support in improving the attendance at Glendale Acres.

  1. The student or parent(s) shall seek prior approval from the principal or designee for a temporary absence to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity.
  2. The student or parent(s) shall provide appropriate school official(s) with written educational objective(s) regarding the proposed educational opportunity.
  3. The principal shall provide the student with written approval to be

temporarily absent from school to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity.

  1. The student shall provide the appropriate school officials with a written report covering the objective(s) of the approved

educational opportunity within five (5) days upon the student’s return to school. (Report may be oral presentation show-and-

tell style.)

  1. Educational Opportunity Forms are available through the office.


When a student is leaving the Glendale Acres School attendance area, notification should be given to the teacher in advance. This will allow the time needed for securing necessary forms to be completed in full without interruption of the instructional day.


No otherwise qualified individual with disabilities shall solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to, discrimination under any program or activity of the school. Qualified disabled students are entitled to a free appropriate public education. Disabled persons who believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability may appeal to the person in the school designated to hear said grievances. If still unresolved, grievances may then be appealed to the school district Section 504 Coordinator:

Ed.D Natasha Scott

Cumberland County Schools


Box 2357

Fayetteville, NC 28302

Phone: 678-2433



Textbooks and Library Books are available and provided to all students at no cost. When books are damaged or lost, it will be necessary for the issuing teacher and/or media specialist to assess the damage/lost fees. Any lost book or books with markings, torn pages or missing pages should be reported to the teacher immediately.


After school care is available for Glendale students through the Cumberland County School’s Prime-Time Program. This program provides care until 6:00 PM each school day. Full daycare is provided on teacher workdays. For additional information, contact the Prime-Time coordinator at 678-2451.


Each teacher may schedule no more than two (2) class celebrations per school year. Traditionally, these have been held at Christmas and at the end of the year. Each teacher has the option of setting alternate dates. Birthday parties for individual students will not be permitted. Parents may provide light refreshments on special days under the following conditions

1)  The parent has acquired teacher approval

2)  Refreshments are served after the class has been to lunch

3)  Refreshments are store-bought

4) It does not interfere with the students’ work schedule


Every Friday is very special at Glendale Acres…Fridays are always School Spirit Days!  We encourage each member of our educational family to participate. Our “educational family” includes students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors and EVERYONE who shares our love for this wonderful school. We wear a Glendale Acres School Pride shirt on Fridays.  Our PTA provides the opportunity to purchase a variety of items that proudly display our school colors, name and mascot.  These include T-shirts and sweatshirts.  We look forward to having you enjoy these School Spirit Days!


Make up days for inclement weather will be scheduled as needed by the Cumberland County Board of Education.


  • 1st Report Card     October 25, 2019
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In order for prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medicine to be given at school, the medicine must be in the pharmacy labeled container and a “Physician’s School Medication Form” must be completed and signed by a physician and the parent.  The pharmacy label and the physician’s directions on the form must match.  This form must be on file in the office at Glendale Acres before school personnel can administer the medication.  When having a prescription filled, it is helpful to ask the pharmacist to package the prescription in separate containers, one for home and one for school. Also, make sure the medication will not expire before the end of the school year.  If the medication is required less than four (4) times a day, please schedule the doses to be given at home. Medication can only be brought to school by an adult and must be signed-in in the office.  Students may not have possession of medication (to include chapstick) while on school grounds.  Any medicine brought to school by a student cannot be dispensed and will be taken by a staff member and locked in the school office for a parent to pick up.


1)  There is not a nurse at our school daily.  The nurse is assigned to Glendale one day a week (this schedule is subject to change).  A nurse can be reached by calling the Health          Department at 433-3600.

2)  Do not send your child to school with a fever.  Temperature is normal at 98.6 orally, 99.6 rectally and 97.6 axillary (armpit). The child should be free of fever 24 hours prior to sending him/her to school.

3)  Please give us telephone numbers that are current and make sure your work number is listed as well.  Include emergency contact that is reliable and someone who is usually there and can pick up your child when necessary.  Remember that Emergency rooms and doctors require a parent prior to treating a minor, and if you cannot be reached, your child will be waiting despite injuries or illness.

4)  Your child needs certain things done prior to coming to school:

5)   If you have concerns, write your teacher/nurse a note.  When keeping a child home for illness, contact your school so we can keep you advised on what we have to assist you.

6)  If your child needs medicine dispensed at school, please follow the guidelines listed under “Medicines at School”.

7)   Common problems in school:

  1. Infected sores & insect bites – Wash with Dial soap, use

an antibiotic ointment, and cover for school.  May need an oral antibiotic also.  See doctor.

  1. Ringworm – (fungus) Tinactin is recommended for ringworm

on the body.  If located on the scalp, a prescription from the doctor is needed for medication by mouth.

  1. Lice – (spread by direct contact – head to head) or (indirect

contact using infested combs, hats, bedding, etc.); Itching of the scalp is the most common symptom of head lice.  Call the school if lice infestation is suspected or noted – the

school nurse can assist. Nix lice shampoo is now available for treatment from the drugstore without a prescription.  Any other product will require a 2nd treatment in seven days.  All bedding, clothes, comb, brush, etc. must be washed.

d. Conjunctivitis – (Pink Eye) Contact a physician for an appointment to receive medication.  Must have a note from a physician to return to school.

return to school when all blisters have scabbed over and dried.  *Caution: avoid giving children any product containing aspirin after flu or chickenpox.

8)  When you get a form from your school nurse, please return it with the requested information.

9)  Remember, if your child has been sick and he/she is seen by a physician: please ask if your child’s physical education program needs to be altered in any way.

10)  Please notify the school immediately of any major, chronic disease (such as heart problems, seizures, diabetes, etc.).  The school needs to know any health problems so that a plan can be prepared to meet your child’s needs at school. 


WHAT CAN YOU DO AS A PARENT to ensure the education your child receives is the best your tax dollar can buy?  How can you maximize your investment in public education?  How can you personally assist your local board and teachers in their goal of providing quality education of your child? 


The few hours a day your child spends in school can hardly compare with the strength of impressions and influences he or she receives in the home.

1)  One of the simplest and most pleasant ways to prepare your child for success in school might be to read together.

2)  Establish a few hours each week when the television is turned off and the whole family sits down to share the pleasures of reading

and discussion.


1)  Look around and when you visit the school, ask questions. Be prepared to discuss your child’s education and the school system with understanding.

2)  Ask your child’s teacher what specific help you can give your child at home.

3)  Volunteer a few hours of your time each week.  Teachers need your help and welcome it.

4)  Eat lunch with your child.

Your children deserve the best education that money can buy, but they will only get it if you are actively involved in your child’s education.

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Published by Lisa Clay on November 21, 2019